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Randy's Wooster St. Pizza

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Many renowned creations have emerged from the city of New Haven, Connecticut. Among these nationally recognized innovations are the Pigskin Football, the legendary Frisbee, kid-craved lollipop, pez candy, and the tasty hamburger. By far, the pinnacle of these creations in the unforgettable taste of the Great American Pizza!

The year was 1925, the place was Wooster Street New Haven, and History was about to be made. According to legend, a baker working on Wooster Street, put tomato sauce to dough for the first time and the pizza was born! Since then Wooster Street New Haven has made their crust thin, brick oven pizza world famous. The overwhelming mystique and aura that lies on this quarter mile street nestled within the city of New Haven has been know to attract some of the greatest American icons for a sample of what has become History.

Sixty-five years later a new Wooster Street has been constructed. Randy's Wooster Street Pizza Shop! Randy, working under the tutelage of the Wooster Street Icon learned this highly sought after "secret recipe"! Now, Randy's with over 50 years of combined pizza experience is paving the way and bringing this Old World traditional pizza right into your hometown.Keeping within the realms of the New Haven Style pizza standards, Randy utilized his creativity and his culinary expertise to produce a line of over 25 specialty pizzas. These pizzas range from the "mild" to the "wild" with a flare that is sure to satisfy even the most meticulous pizza connoisseur.

Maintaining a standard of excellence requires the use of only the finest quality ingredients found throughout the world. Our dough is made fresh daily from Seal-of-Minnesota unbleached, unbromated flour, which yields our award winning thin crust. A combination of hand picked plum tomatoes from the valleys of San Marzano, Italy, and sweet Chilean tomatoes, creates and unforgettable sauce. A custom blend of New Haven's own Calabro Cheese and Wisconsin's finest whole milk Mozzarella generously blankets the tops of our pies. Keeping in tradition of Wooster Street, these quality ingredients must all meet together in a blistering 600-degree heat and smoky ash of a "real" brick oven. After the smoke has cleared, what emerges is man's most delicious creation, the Brick Oven…. "ZA"…. "Apizza"…. "Hot Wheel"….The "P" Word….. "Pie"…. "Flat Bread", or for you traditionalists just plain "PIZZA".

Randy prides himself on the excellence and quality maintained within his restaurants. He personally invites you to taste these specialty pies and savor the unforgettable taste of the real American pie. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!